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Nokia 240x320 Games : Prince of Persia Classic

Rediscover the original Prince of Persia in a totally revamped mobile version! 

Features (may vary by handset):

  • The completely revamped version of the hit game released in 1989, Prince of Persia.
  • Many spectacular moves for ultra-dynamic fights and breathtaking acrobatics.
  • Immerse yourself in the world of One Thousand and One Nights with rich backgrounds and dynamic lighting effects.
  • 4 game modes, featuring 3 brand new modes: Normal, Classic, Time Attack and Survival.
  • New options for beginner players: mini-map, numerous checkpoints, etc.  

Nokia 240x320 Games : XIII : Covert Identity

Discover XIII, a hero on the hunt for his own identity in an original comic book atmosphere. 

Features (may vary by handset):

  • Unique graphics, brilliantly reproducing the look of comic book drawings.
  • Very diverse gameplay offering pure action, infiltration, high-speed jet ski races, etc.
  • Play two characters: the leading hero XIII and the lovely secret agent Jessica.
  • 14 levels spread out over 8 different environments, all bursting with interactive elements.
  • Many available weapons, various aggressive enemies, and lots of traps to avoid.
  • Collect bonus objects throughout the game to release additional information about XIII. 

Kamis, 11 September 2008

Nokia 240x320 Games : Brother In Arms : Art Of War

Prepare yourself for explosive missions in the perils of WWII. 

Features (may vary by handset):

  • The new, explosive episode of the celebrated "Brothers In Arms" series.
  • 13 intense missions from 3 campaigns including the famous Operation Market Garden.
  • Never-before-seen situations: Parachute missions, first-person cannon fire on planes, boats, etc.
  • Drive a tank and use a variety of arms: Machine Gun, Bazooka, Mortar, Explosives...
  • New, dynamic shooting gameplay and breathtaking explosions.
  • Numerous scenery elements to destroy (buildings, bridges, trees, etc.)  

Rabu, 03 September 2008



Preparing :

  • Install HelloCarbide either on your phone or memory card. Don't open it yet.
  • Install a phone explorer and enable show hidden files and folders, DO NOT EXIT but switch to your standby mode then open HelloCarbide. You'll notice that it has no welcome screen, just press Options -> Menu1 -> Yes, it will close itself. Now switch back to your file explorer. Copy the proper InstallServer.exe to C:/sys/bin.
  • Exit from the file explorer restart your phone. Move on to installing N-Gage 2.0.

Installing the N-Gage launcher

  • Install N-Gage_1.01_Build_1281_(2007).sisx to your memory card.
  • Install the Symbian_OS_Pipes_v1.2.sis to your memory card.
  • Open your file explorer enable "show hidden files and folders" switch to your standby mode then open HelloCarbide. Press Options -> Menu1 -> Yes. Now switch back to your file explorer. REMOVE the proper 20001079.txt into to "C:/private/10202be9". Now exit files explorer, restart your phone.
  • Installing the N-Gage AutoStart"Just install Nokia_N-Gage_AutoStart_v2.04.sis to your phone, ignore the "not compatible" warning.Install Nokia_N-Gage_Patch.sis. And now you're done installing the N-Gage application. You now have your N-Gage launcher application.

Installing the N-Gage 2.0 games

  • First download the game that located below.
  • And then open the (name of the game).exe.
  • Click Next> click The N-gage application has been installed to my mobile device. Click Next> Click find TRK Port Automatically. Click Next> Click Extract N-gage File to PC.
  • Find the file (name of the game).ngage file, and then connect your phone via data transfer.
  • take the (name of the game).ngage file, copy it, and move it to your phone ngage folder,
  • open the ngage launcher, please wait, and voila!!!!! thats is your game!!!

Special Thankksss to* BiNPDA Team for the awesome hard work for ing games and applications* and bro sisqo to compiling this thread!!!


2. Infinite Dreams Hooked on Creatures of the Deep v0.74 N-GAGE SymbianOS9.1 Crac*ed-BiNPDA

12. Electronic Arts The Sim 2 Pets v1.0.27 N-GAGE SymbianOS9.1

19.Dogz v1.3.6 N-GAGE SymbianOS9.1 *****ed-BiNPDA

Nokia 240x320 Games : Asphalt 3 (SIS)

The best mobile phone racing game returns to throw you into the heart of the underground racing world in full 3D! 

Features (may vary by handset):
  • The third installment of the most famous mobile racing game in full 3D!
  • A plunge into the heart of the world of underground racing thanks to 3D graphics unrivaled by any other mobile game.
  • Ultimately spectacular driving: master the drifts, send your opponents crashing into the surroundings, make the police eat your dust and make the TV helicopters show up.
  • Incredible variety: 14 different road layouts located in seven cities around the world, 9 cars and 3 motorcycles straight out of the catalogs of the most famous manufacturers.


Nokia 240x320 Games : Asphalt 4 (SIS)

Become a VIP and own the urban racing world! 

Features (may vary by handset):

  • 10 dream cars & bikes including the Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari F430 Spider, Nissan GT-R, Ducati 1098.
  • Race in 6 of the world's hottest cities: Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills, Shanghai, NYC, Dubai, Paris.
  • Amazing 3D graphics providing breathtaking speed sensations!
  • Tune your rides in your own luxury garage!
  • Enjoy 5 extreme racing modes such as cop chase, drift, and beat'em all.
  • Adapt your driving style to the weather conditions: Can you control your car under heavy rain?


Nokia 240x320 Games : Assasins Creed (SIS)

The direct prequel of the critically acclaimed console title Assassin's Creed™. 

Features (may vary by handset):

  • Perform stunningly powerful combos and slay your victims with silent kills.
  • Run, jump, climb to discover the 23 levels of a fully 3D-rendered medieval world.
  • Explore in time of day or night 4 cities of Middle East: Damascus, Jerusalem, Masyaf, and Acre.
  • Perform pickpocket maneuvers to carefully steal precious items from the crowd and make informants speak.
  • 6 weapons for both close combat and long-range attacks: Swords, dagger, grappling hook and bombs.
  • Collecting orbs will upgrade Altair's health and weapons.

Enjoy downloading!!!

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